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A while back, a few of us decided to go to Wild Wing in the AMC plaza close to our office for lunch. Wild Wing actually moved into a building that used to be an Irish pub that we had been to a few times before and always had a bad experience. We were optimistic that the bad luck from its predecessor would not rub off on its new inhabitant and we looked forward to an enjoyable meal. 

Walking into a Wild Wing is like walking into a saloon in a typical western movie. The tables, chairs, floor and bar are all wood and there are horseshoes and other cowboy paraphernalia all over the walls. Wild Wing also has pictures up of suggestive cowgirls with the names of the wing sauces as decoration. 

There were a few tables when our group of three walked in, and there was only one server working both the bar and the dining area, so our service was a little slow. We all ordered the lunch special of five wings and a side of fries for $6.49 and waited patiently for our meals.

After waiting nearly half an hour, our food arrived and at first glance, none of our orders looked appetizing. The wings were haphazardly tossed (two of our three orders, it looked like it was just poured on top, not even tossed) in sauces and our sides were cold as though they had been sitting out for hours.

Spicy BBQ was listed as bbq and hot sauces, but it tasted no different than the sauce you can buy in the grocery store. There was hardly any heat, and I would classify it as a medium on a generous day. The wings themselves were large in size with little breading, but they were soggy and lukewarm. The upgraded sweet potato fries were cold and stale.
Sweet Escape is honey garlic and gar par (their signature sauce of Caesar and parmesan) and it was a huge disappointment. Aesthetically speaking, this did not make any of us want to eat the wings. It looks like a blob of white goo was poured on the wings with some canned parmesan cheese sprinkled on top. The combination of Caesar and honey garlic did not taste good, and again, the food was cold.
Lastly, the Spicy Gar Par was no better than the rest. The same Caesar blob was on top of what was supposed to be hot wings, but I would consider them mild at best. To be different, this was with a side of the chips (which I’m told are no longer an option) that were actually the best part of all of our meals. They were crispy and not salty, which was as good as we were going to get at this point.
Halfway through our meal, our server came to check on us and we mentioned that the sweet potato fries were cold. She apologized and went to make us a fresh batch – this time, they were hot, but the majority of them were so burnt we barely ate them. Though the gesture was appreciated, new fries that are bad are still bad fries.

Sadly, we did not have an enjoyable meal this time around. The food was unappetizing and the service was super slow (it took us over an hour to get in and out). The only “wild” thing about this experience is if we decide to return.

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Wild Wing – Oakville
2051 Winston Park Dr., Oakville


Laura P said...
April 7, 2011 at 1:08 PM

I am shocked! I always go to that Wild Wing and have never had a bad experience with service or the food. Hopefully you have a better experience next time (if you decide to go again lol)

sweetone said...
April 8, 2011 at 8:53 AM

I'm glad you have better luck than our experience! I also hope it looks more appetizing when you get yours! :)

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