The Black Bull

I’m on a wing kick these days, so much so that I crave them every day. Don’t ask me why now, but there’s just something about the crunchy, hot wing that makes my tummy grumble lately. 

The Black Bull has wings for 49 cents on Wednesday, so I just had to go and get my fill. It was also PubStumpers night, so people are playing trivia as you sit in the bar area. Interesting element to add to any bar experience I would say.

The bar itself is split into a front room and a back room (where the trivia was being held) and then another back room with a pool table as well. The decor is dated, but somehow it actually lends to the quaint atmosphere of a cozy, neighbourhood pub.

The wing special requires that you order each flavour in quantities of five, and some sort of beverage (not necessarily alcoholic if you aren’t inclined). We also ordered a small order of Coney Fries ($5.49) based on the server’s recommendation. The fries were hot and crispy, but the chilli, although hearty, was skimpy and left the bottom of the dish plain and kind of boring. Our server noticed that our fries looked kind of naked and brought out an order of gravy for us which I thought was a really nice thing to do.
The Black Bull Butter wings were a tobasco base with a hint of butter. Generally I’m not a fan of tobasco sauces (ie. Frank’s) because I find them sour and not hot. I prefer the hot sauces that have the slow heat that builds instead. I also wish that there was more butter tossed with the sauce because it really didn’t have a butter flavour at all.
Dry Cajun wings had a nice saltiness without it being unbearable, but again, there was very little heat to the spice. I do tend to lean towards dry spices because I like the wing to be extra crunchy, but this seemed too mild for my taste.
Honey Garlic was one of the top sauces in my opinion. The wings were sticky, gooey and still kept the crunch from the deep fryer. There was a perfect blend of honey and garlic so the wings weren’t too sweet.
Jerk was the other winner of the night with its well seasoned, well flavoured spices. Again, the wings were still crispy even though it was a wet sauce, and there was a perfect amount of heat to them. I was impressed with the depth of the flavour as I ate these.
Lastly, the Lemon Pepper dry rub was average. There was a good lemon taste to the wing, with the slightest hint of cracked pepper mixed in. The spice was so mild though, it was lost in each piece, and needed a bigger punch. And yes, those are remnants of chicken feathers you see in the picture.
The price of the wings can’t be beat (it always hurts my soul to pay $10+/pound of wings) and the atmosphere is cozy. They have karaoke on the weekends, and that’s always a hoot if you’re looking for something fun to do as well.  I come here when I want cheap, simple wings and friendly service, and judging from how busy it was when I was here, I’m not the only one who feels that way. 

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