I Didn't Fall Off the Face of the Planet

I'm the worst blogger ever, I know. I haven't written in ages! In my defense though, life has been really busy and I apparently don't multi-task very well. First, I got pneumonia after dealing with the worst cold ever and that basically put me out of commission for 93823 days. Then work got really busy, and my sister moved home (*wave to my sister! Hello! So good that you're within the same area code now!)

Oh, and I uh, got engaged. This past Saturday, in fact. And well, who can write about food when there is something sparkly and shiny to serve as a distraction? I'm still totally freakin' out, so I'm not sure when I'm going to come down to earth enough to write about food. Though...let me tell you, the next few food posts are going to be delicious. Your taste buds will want to wait.

For now though, *squeeeeeeeeeee* I'm just too excited to sit still, let alone do a proper post. I know, I am a horrible blogger. But! I hope you can understand and be patient and join me in a little jig (omg, I'm engaged!!!)

Back soon with food posts, I promise. And I suppose I have to stop calling him "the boyfriend" too. Man. So many changes!