McDonald's Banana Chocolate Pie

The newest pie offering from McDonald’s is the Banana Chocolate pie, which sounded much too delicious to pass up. I have generally approached banana flavoured items cautiously because the taste can be tricky to master without tasting too artificial and reminiscent of children’s penicillin medication. Although, I was one of those children who loved the taste of the banana medication, so perhaps I’m not the best one to be writing this review here. In my defence however, that stuff was addictively yummy.

Bringing this back to the review and away from my love of children’s medication, I was hesitant that it would taste anything like real bananas dipped in chocolate and enveloped in pastry. The picture also did not help my hesitation because the gooey off-white centre on top of a layer of chocolate didn’t exactly scream “banana” to me. After the debacle that was the Blueberry Maple, I was really starting to wonder why I was looking forward to this, but I was intrigued.

All of the pies from McDonald’s look the same on the outside in the sense that they don’t have any distinctive markings on the pastry that would allow you to identify one from the other if they were lined up in front of you. The one I bought actually came in a box that was for the Apple flavour, but had a sticker to indicate it wasn’t apple. Maybe they haven’t made up new boxes for it yet, or ran out for the day? I just thought it odd.
 Similar to the Blueberry Maple, there was no smell other than the smell of the pastry dough once out of the box. Broken in half, it was very similar to the picture – a thin layer of chocolate topped with a thin layer of off-white banana. I would liken it to the consistency of vanilla pudding if I had to draw a comparison. There was a distinct banana smell once I broke the pie in half, with a hint of chocolate. The first bite was actually impressive. A crisp pastry with a warm inside that tasted exactly like bananas dipped in chocolate. Although the filling was a little on the sweet side, the blandness of the pastry cut the sugar well. The only complaint I had with the pie was that the filling was too runny for my liking. It needed to be thickened so it didn’t ooze after each bite and cause a mess. That said, it wasn’t enough of a deterrent for me to eat every last crumb and wish I had a second one. Overall, I really liked this flavour and would get it again in a heartbeat.


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