McDonald's Apple Crisp McFlurry

While I was enjoying (and by “enjoying” I mean not sharing) my pie, the boyfriend chose the new Apple Crisp McFlurry as his treat choice. And by “chose” I mean I made him eat it so I could write a review of the new desserts being offered. He loves ice cream and he likes apple me, it really wasn’t much of a hardship! I, on the other hand, am very picky with my apple products because some things make me gag (apple juice, apple sauce) and some things make my heart flutter (apple pie, apple turnovers). Apple crisp is one of those hit or miss items that could go either way for me. It was just in everyone’s best interest if I stuck to the pies and he took over the apple crisp duty.

I’ve always been a fan of Flurries because they’re cheap alternatives to getting a DQ Blizzard, and they’re equally as delicious if you don’t mind less choice in flavours. The only downside is that I have yet to find a seasonal flavour of Flurry that McDonald’s has offered that I actually enjoy. They’re usually epic fails in terms of taste and texture when I try them. So already, the Apple Crisp had a lot of compensating to do for its predecessors. 
When thinking of what goes into an apple crisp, I think of big chunks of apples, a crumble top that isn`t overpowering to the apples, and lots of cinnamon to give it that cozy feel of autumn. The Flurry version had a more liberal interpretation of what makes an apple crisp an apple crisp. Yes, there were chunks of apple but they were small and there weren`t many in the cup. The crisp component was where it got really interesting. There were large chunks of hard, crunchy bits that completely overwhelmed the entire Flurry. It tasted like big pieces of granola, the size of a popped kernel of popcorn, or clumps of hard cereal. It was hard to tell because it was mixed into the ice cream, but the pieces never softened and the texture was so abrasive against the soft serve ice cream, it made it hard to eat. 
From the spoonful I had, the only flavour I could distinguish was the ice cream. There was no taste of apple or cinnamon or anything you would associate with an apple crisp. The bits of crisp were hard but tasteless and I didn’t enjoy the texture in a soft ice cream treat. My boyfriend said that it didn`t get any better as he made his way through the cup, it was the same odd texture combination until the end.
As I said in the beginning of this post – there has yet to be a seasonal flavour of McFlurry that I actually enjoy. Unfortunately, that statement still rings true even after trying the Apple Crisp. My advice if you want apple with your ice cream is to buy one of the apple pies and a small cone (but get it in a cup). Trust me; it`ll taste way better than the Apple Crisp McFlurry (and save you a bit of money).


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