Taking the Plunge

My impulsive behaviour has finally taken me down the blog path.  The rationale behind how I even came to the idea was pretty simple.  Basically, I go out to eat a lot.  More than anyone needs to (or should).  That's not to say I don't know my way around a kitchen - because I'd like to think that I'm a fairly decent cook/baker.  Sometimes I get lazy.  Sometimes I just want to put on my jammies, turn on Ghost Whisperer and eat some frozen pizza with chips crumbled on top.  Other times, I want to curl my hair, throw on some lip gloss, put on my stilettos and go out for a 5 course gourmet meal where I don't have to do the dishes afterwards.  It usually depends on 1) what's on TV 2) how my day at work went and 3) how social I'm feeling that day.   

Aside from eating, I seem to find myself with a lot of opinions about things.  For some reason, it feels like I'm always the girl that something goes wrong for when I'm out to eat.  Or I'll find that hidden gem that I want everyone to know about so they'll go there.  I guess I always have something to say about my food - sometimes good, sometimes...not so much.

So I figured I'd start a blog.  I've got high hopes that I'll talk about the restaurants I've tried, or the recipes I've attempted...or even the rare occasion I try to throw ingredients together to come out with an edible product at the end.   Hope you're hungry!


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