Crema di Gelato

If I had a choice between sweet and savoury, I would always favour sweet. My sweet tooth is a force to be reckoned with once I get a craving. That being said, I tend to shy away from desserts that are overly sweet because I find they give me an instant headache. It’s a delicate balancing act to please my palette since my tastes are so specific and my tolerance level for sweet or salty is very exact.

While we were downtown, it was recommended that we try Crema di Gelato, a gourmet gelato shop that faces the lakeshore. Pleasantly surprised that it was still open even though it was November, we walked into the brightly lit store in search of a creamy, cool dessert.

The walls are stark white with white tables and chairs, with a few bright orange chairs randomly placed at the few tables. There is a display area that was half full with the varieties of fresh made gelato, and a display with pre-portioned desserts in a wide variety of flavours as well ($3.99 each). There are various choices of cones and waffle bowls, or if you just want a crunchy tease, there is a big bowl of wafers the size and shape of cookies near the cash register that are complimentary.

After a few sample tastes, we decided to try the Chocolate Peanut Butter and the White Chocolate Raspberry in small cups ($3.40 each). Crema di Gelato is cash only, so make sure you either hit the ATM next door or dig for change before you order.

The Chocolate Peanut Butter was a decadent and rich dark chocolate flavour with chunks of peanut butter swirled in. The White Chocolate Raspberry had fresh raspberries as well as a raspberry swirl in a creamy gelato with a very small hint of white chocolate flavour. Both were creamy and smooth and you could taste that they were made from fresh ingredients. The sign on the wall declares that the gelatos are made fresh daily, and it certainly tasted that way. Neither gelatos were overly sweet, but we preferred the lighter taste of the white chocolate over the richness of the chocolate peanut butter. Paired with the complimentary wafer that tasted like a fresh waffle cone, it made for an excellent late afternoon treat while walking around by the lake.

Crema di Gelato
1477 Lakeshore Rd., Burlington


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