Total Cleanse Giveaway via Natural Mommie (Contest)

I've been on a health kick and have been dying to try a detoxifying cleanse to see if it makes me feel better and really does clear out the guk in my system/clear my mind. Most of my research has been on a Canadian company called Total Cleanse that does a three or five day juice cleanse. I'm curious if I can handle three days of ingesting nothing but juice and water, but apparently the benefits of doing it are tremendous and amazing.

One of the blogs I read, Natural Mommie, is giving away a 3 day cleanse for one lucky Canadian (which is always nice - I hate when it's US only and us poor Canadians get left out!)

Anyhoo, I entered the contest because I want to see if it's as beneficial and awesome as it says, then come back here and let you know too! Natural Mommie also has blog posts that talk about her experience while on the cleanse, so you can read how she fared. 

If you'd like to enter her contest, the link is: here

If you'd like to know more about Total Cleanse

Good Luck!


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