McDonald’s Buttermilk Biscuit with Sausage

When I was younger and woke up ridiculously early on weekends (oh, to have that kind of energy again), sometimes dad would let mom sleep in and he would take me for a drive and we’d end up at McDonald’s for breakfast. I always insisted on getting the Big Breakfast, even though I never finished half of it, and he’d have to help me finish it off. Hrm. Maybe that was his justification for eating a breakfast and a half. I would totally do that if I had children. Then I could eat more without feeling guilty, because I was helping. And I'm super helpful, you know. Anyways, thanks for walking down memory lane with me; I’m glad we had this bonding moment.

It’s no wonder I’ve always had a soft spot for breakfast at McDonald’s since I associate it with my carefree childhood days. The other thing that I like about their breakfast is that the majority of the items are still available – the things I used to eat 20 years ago, are still on the menu today. There are of course, new options, but the main things, and the memories that go with them, are still there. It’s a throwback to nostalgia and in an age where so many companies are constantly trying to change things, I appreciate the sentiment. 

That being said, this review is for one of the new options being offered – the Buttermilk Biscuit with Sausage. We tried this during the initial launch when McDonald’s was giving them away for free, and I reviewed the Buttermilk Biscuit with Bacon here

When we ordered this sandwich, we were told we had to wait a few minutes because they were just cooking up a new batch. I love when this happens because it makes such a difference to get a hot, fresh meal vs. a premade sandwich that’s been sitting under the heat lamp. I was more than happy to wait.
Before the wrapper was opened, I did notice that this sandwich was greasier than its bacon counterpart. The wrapper was actually sticking in some parts because of the wetness...just something to note if you’re deciding which one you want to have.
The biscuit is larger than an english muffin, and toasted to a golden brown. If you look closely at the picture, you can see that it looks shiny on the top – whether it is from butter in the biscuit or the grease from the sausage, I couldn’t be sure, but it was an oily texture. The biscuit itself was flaky and tasted rich like butter, and added a nice flavour to the sandwich. Directly under the biscuit top was a thick layer of soft and fluffy eggs, followed by a piping hot sausage patty. The sausage was juicy, but very greasy, and actually dripped off the sandwich when I held it upright and facing down. (Ick.) The cheese melted to the sandwich really well because of the fresh sausage patty sealing it in with the heat, but as I said about the bacon biscuit, it didn’t add much flavour either way, and I wouldn’t notice much if it wasn’t there. 

I liked this sandwich better than the bacon option because it was piping hot and freshly made, and the juiciness of the sausage patty gave the sandwich some good moisture. However, the grease from the sausage patty could have (and should have) been drained better so it wasn’t left on the biscuit. I did like the taste of it, and I would order it again, but next time I’ll order it without the cheese and hope that the sausage isn’t so greasy.


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